What we Believe

We believe in GOD. We know that can mean a lot of different things depending on who you talk to. When we say we believe in GOD – we are speaking of the God who created all of heaven and earth and eternally exists in 3 persons, God the Father, God the Son - Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the Church... not the building, but rather the people.  When a group of people get together and desire to be like Jesus then you will see good things happen.  At Westview we love the church and believe it can be incredibly heroic, and more than anything, we want to be people who are passionate for God and His world. 

We believe in God’s grace. God's grace is ultimately exemplified by Jesus sacrifice on the cross, where forgiveness and restoration was provided and made available to all who would believe and receive.  This demonstrates the extravagant nature of His grace.  Grace always gives second chances, third chances and never stops giving chances.  That’s why we love God’s Grace. 

We believe in the Bible. We're awed by it, inspired by it, and believe it is Truth. Believing it doesn't mean we perfectly live it. It doesn't even mean we have it all figured out, so we continue to study and learn and let God’s awesome book, written to all of us, transform us to be more like Jesus.                        

We believe that as we stay focused on who God is, what He is able to do, and the mission God calls us to, as we seek to be like our Saviour, Jesus, and as we rest in the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, then we will see our world, those around us, and the day to day joys and concerns we face, through the same set of eyes as God sees them.