Week of March 23

Ryan Recommends: 

·       Reading “The Chronicles Of Narnia” - Fantastic read for adults and kids (if you've got little ones at home, read it to them) 

·       There are also a lot of ancient texts available online for free like “The Confessions of St. Patrick or The Didache” which are really interesting reads!

·       Try writing some poetry, if free form is too daunting, start by doing haiku’s, limericks or sonnets.

·       Try learning an instrument (most people have an old keyboard or guitar lying around somewhere).


Nita Recommends: 

·       The book “Inspired” by Rachel Held Evans

·       www.gospelproject.com has great videos for the whole family to explore and learn more about the Bible


Cheryl Recommends:

2 podcasts! 

·       John Mark Comer is putting out short daily podcasts for the duration of our social distancing period.  It's a daily meditation on scripture, a quote, or the life of a saint to ground you in God and his peace.

·       That Sounds Fun podcast with Annie F Downs. Annie is a writer and podcaster who came in contact with someone with COVID-19 and is on a 14 day quarantine as a result. She is recording short "TSF Quarantine" podcasts everyday with another podcaster Eddie Kaufholtz, and they get into all kinds of silly topics and light-heated humour. (She also puts out two "real podcasts" a week that are super insightful). 

      Search for "Bridgetown audio podcast" and "That Sounds Fun" wherever you listen to            podcasts. 


Christina Recommends: 

·       Anything from Francis Chan or J.D. Greear on Right Now Media. There are also a lot of other resources for families to watch together and plenty of shows and studies for kids as well. If you don’t have access yet to Right Now Media, send Christina an email and she will get you set up:  office@westviewlife.org

·       Taking a break from social media and doing some spring cleaning. Put on your favourite worship playlist on and clear out some clutter! 

·       Making art! Try a new medium, or check out some DIY projects on Pinterest, with things you can use in your home. Challenging and fun. 


Jeff Recommends: 

·       “The Furious Longing of God” by Brennan Manning.  Great book on the love of God.

·       “JRR Tolkien: a Biography” by Humphrey Carpenter.  This is the authorized biography of Tolkien.  The recent movie was excellent…  but this book goes more in-depth and covers more of the years of his life, including his friendship with C.S. Lewis and the role he played in Lewis coming to faith in Christ.

·       On the fiction side - anything written by J.R.R. Tolkien.