April 26 Sermon Resources

Where is God in the Pandemic?

Hey everyone. Here are some resources which I used for my sermon on Sunday, April 26 which you might find helpful.

In His love, Basil


Resource List:

1)     Greg Boyd sermon followed by a Q and A time with the congregation at the end


(The most relevant part of his sermon is from 10:00 to 34:50 and the Q and A starts at 42:20 )


2)     Rick Warren interview on CNN


3)     NT Wright, article from Time magazine on lament



4)     Francis Collins – head of the National Institutes of Health in the US, and a Christian, – relevant info on Covid 19 and his thoughts as a Christian at the end of the interview



5)     Tim Keller sermon on… How to deal with dark times.


6)     Uplifting praise from the A Capella choir singing “In Christ Alone” using Zoom.