The Westview Photography team exists to: create awareness in the community around us of our Westview ministries, to enable us at Westview to know more about the many ministries in and from the church, to assist in us having an effective online presence - all through visual representations.

If you are a Ministry Leader at Westview and have a Westview ministry event for which you would like to have one of the Photography Team take pictures, please contact Jeff Simunic to discuss a booking of a photographer: 514.831.8985


Would you consider being part of the Photography Team?

Would you like to use your skills in ministry - serving God at and through your church - Westview

It's an excellent way to connect with other creatives, be involved at church and serve God... all while having fun behind a lens. 

Please contact Wendy McRae: / 514.771.4663 or Jeff Simunic: 514.831.8985 to talk more or join the team.