Matthew Kaufmann

An update from Matthew on his upcoming outreach trip:

"This will be my first time fully leading a team which is also really exciting and the team seems amazing. I’m really looking forward to our time. I’m still currently trusting for around $3150 AUD.

Now these are the ways you could help:
1. Primarily through prayer for:
- Rest
- Wisdom for the near future in regards to my finances
- Wisdom in regards to my outreach team
- Quick financial breakthrough for me
- Quick financial breakthrough for my team
- For people all over the world to say yes to Jesus
- Grace from the LORD

2. By donating towards me personally for this outreach you could do this by clicking here

- please ensure you add Matthew Kaufmann in the detail box


Thank you!"


Matthew is serving with YWAM in Perth, Australia... for six months of the year he is on staff within the Bible Core Course program which includes training and outreach phases, and for the other six months of the year he is on staff with the training / development team which oversees the second level (post DTS) courses (community development, transformation, foundations in education).

You can contact Matthew on Facebook.