Good $ense


We think about how God would have us live our lives... we pray, we read and study scripture, we attend church, but what about our financial lives? Most often we find that people don’t really think about biblical teaching and Spiritual conviction when it comes to money. Money is just something that we use to get the stuff that we need to do life.

But Truth would tell us very differently.  God actually is VERY interested in how we organize our financial lives.  In fact, there are some 2300 references in the Bible to money.. more than love and prayer! 

Good Sense Ministry is a place where you can learn about what God would have to say about how we should organize our financial lives, and how to implement these important truths in our everyday life. We provide:

-Budget Course, designed to teach biblical principles and tools to help you re-organize your financial life according to God’s Word.

-Debt Reduction seminar, designed to help you attack, in a short workshop, the problem of debt in your life.

-Personal counseling, if you are overwhelmed financially and need one-on-one help.

For more information contact Kent Elvidge: 514.696.2381