Church Consultation

Our recent journey:


As you know we have been seeking the Lord for vision and direction for Westview. 


As a church Congregation we were praying, and fasting on some specific themes heading into the

Elders and Staff Leadership Weekend in February, with Donna Jordan there with us, and Donna here that Sunday morning.


All of us listening to God has been part of this journey and is foundational to the Spiritual

Discernment framework Willy Kotiuga started us on a number of months ago.



Why a Consultation?:


At our May Senior Leadership Team meeting, Cheryl spoke with us about Vision at Westview and suggested into this context of discerning and hearing from the Lord, that we also have a Church Consultation done.


The Senior Leadership Team feel strongly that we need an updated, prayerfully set, clear vision and strategic direction for the church that reflects what we’ve been hearing from God for the past few months.

Vision is vital to a thriving church:


-       It allows us to articulate where we have prayerfully discerned God is leading us, ...

-       so that we know what we’re about as a church

-       and we can move forward as a unified body


-       Having a strong vision gives us direction,

-       Helps us to be Focused in our Ministry Strategy

-       It connects and unifies our ministries

-       Creates Momentum

-       Boosts growth

-       Informs decisions

-       Inspires people to action

-       Taps into the potential we have at Westview


In order to create a strong vision, it’s helpful to know where we are right now, so we decided to go through a Church Consultation to help us in this process.


This means...


-       having an objective 3rd party come in and essentially hold a mirror up to us, helping us to see ourselves more clearly as a church...

-       our strengths

-       our needs

-       our blind spots

-       Seeing ourselves accurately is an important first step to developing a strong vision; and that is our hope in this process.


A few Senior Leadership Team members have gone through a Consultation process in their previous churches, and these have been insightful and empowering for those churches.


We invited Mike Stone of Vision Ministries (who has years of experience doing church Consultations), to lead us in this process. 



What a Consultation involves:

-       One of the most important parts of a consultation process is getting input from as many people within the church as possible.

-       In the weeks that led up to the first consultation weekend, you were invited to complete a questionnaire - as ww wanted to hear from as many of our church family as possible.

-       The information you gave informed Mike’s findings.


-       Mike was first here at Westview the weekend of July 26-28.

-       Mike met with the church staff, the Senior Leadership Team during the weekend.

-       He also conducted interviews with people from the congregation during the weekend, that were setup by the Senior Leadership Team.


-       Mike has since submitted a summary report of his findings, to the Senior Leadership Team.

-       The Senior Leadership Team had follow-up discussion with Mike.

-       Mike facilitated a ½ weekend retreat on October 25-26 for the Senior Leadership Team to discern mission, core values, and strategy.

-       He continues to advise and assist us as we finalize on those three areas, then look towards implementation.

-       The result is an updated vision in place towards the early part of 2020, with strategy and focus of our mission, ministries, and us, and effective implementation.


Given this COVID-19 Pandemic situation, we will share the details of the Vision and strategies once we are able.

If you have any questions about the Consultation,

please speak with any of the Senior Leadership Team.