Just an encouragement for us to be, above all, continually praying through this Coronavirus pandemic.  Let’s be praying for those around the world, and here in Canada who have the virus, those who are at risk, those who are grieving for ones they love who have died.  Pray for wisdom for leaders and health officials as they make decisions, for medical people as they care for and treat patients.  In light of the fear, worry, anxiety, stress, uncertainty that many of our neighbours, classmates, colleagues, friends, family members are dealing with - let’s move forward in care and love.  Let’s continue, wherever we are, to be the hands, feet, heart and mind of Christ; in showing his love, care, compassion, comfort, and pointing to the hope that there is in Christ.   

If you know someone in your neighbourhood, your circle of people, who is in a vulnerable/at risk situation, or unable to get what they may need; check with them on how you can help.  Let the church know how we can help. 

If you, yourself, are someone who is in a vulnerable / at risk / in need situation, or just need to talk - contact the church and let us know.  We’ll help:  514.626.5460 ext. 1001 /

If you are in a position to be able to assist our Care Ministry in supporting and helping others, please contact the church:  514.626.5460 ext. 1001 /