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At our next meeting on March 17, instead of wearing a hat, wear something green to commemorate St. Patrick's Day.  It could be a green hat, sweater, glasses, .... but aim for green, whether you are Irish or not.  

6- The Chosen Episode Six: Indescribable Compassion
Quick Summary:
Jesus heals and urges people to remember to be vigilant with their faith, remembering that no one person is greater than any other. We are all God’s beloved creation. While the following of Jesus is growing, His enemies are also growing in number. This episode was awe-inspiring. A beautiful reminder

Read for Bible Study:
Mark 2:1-12 (Jesus heals the man let down through the roof), Matthew 8:1-4 (Jesus heals a leper), Luke 12: 36-48 (The parable of the servant), Matthew 6: 1-18 (Giving to the needy and prayer)

Discussion Questions:
1) Which part of this episode was the most different from how you imagined it being after reading the passage in Scripture? 
2) “We can do both”, walking the road that has been laid out for us and also keeping our eyes open. What did you think of Nicodemus’ speech? In what ways have you put God in a box?
3) There was a LOT of compassion emphasized in this episode.  How did Jesus preach about and show compassion?  What are some examples of compassion you have encountered in your life?


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A weekly Wednesday night challenge time.  Using video series, following a book or relevant Bible studies, 
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